About us

Let us introduce Kontinent Plast s.r.o.
We are Czech companythatemphasizes import ofpolymers HD-PE, LD-PE, PP a PVC, which are mainlyproduced in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Kontinent Plast s.r.o. started its activity in November 2017 to ensure a quality service of polymer granulate distribution to customers in the Czech market and Central Europe. The office is in Brno and the polymers warehouses are in the vicinity of Brno.

We offer full service to our customers, customs clearance of goods in the Czech Republic, import directly to production premises. We provide sales of polypropylene, polyethylene HD-PE, LD-PE and PVC according to the customer's request. Packaging is in 25kg bags on pallets or in "big-bag".

Our advantage is reliable contacts with the leading manufacturers of granulated polymers in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. We are interested in long-term relationships with both suppliers and the end users. We guarantee a stable quality and a ready supply of polymers on stock. Anotherimportantfactorisstrongenoughfinancial stability and a sufficientlywiderangeofgranulates to beoffered. The effort is also to optimize the logistics part of granular deliveries to customers' production areas.

  1. Uz-Kor Gas Chemical (Uzbekistán) – HD-PE, PP
  2. KarpatNěftěchim (Ukrajina) – HD-PE, PVC
  3. Poliom (Rusko) – PP
  4. Kazaňorgsyntéz (Rusko) – HD-PE, LD-PE
  5. Stavrolen Buďonovsk (Rusko) – HD-PE


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